VAT (Value Added Tax)

  • VAT is a consumption tax imposed on goods and services sold in the area of the European Union.
  • In this website, all prices show VAT separately. 
  • Buyers outside the EU, and commercial buyers within the EU, are exempted from paying VAT.
  • If you are a EU company with a valid VAT number, you are entitled to buy without paying VAT -provided you supply proof of your VAT number. An invoice will accompany your order.
  • If you reside outside the EU, you are entitled to buy without paying VAT. Please clarify if you want to issue an invoice (commercial buyers) or a sales receipt (non-commercial buyers).
  • When we ship outside the EU, we have to issue a customs declaration -at extra cost, ranging from 5€ all the way to 45.50€ per shipment (in case we ship with DHL).
  • UK orders: For B2C orders, goods are sold to consumers on a tax exclusive basis -we don’t charge VAT since UK customers pay any import VAT and customs duties after the goods arrive in the UK. 
  • For B2B UK orders, we will not need to charge and account for VAT if business customers give us their VAT registration number -provided that we can confirm that it is a valid VAT number. We then add a note to the invoice by writing “reverse charge” -that is, business customer has to account for VAT to HMRC.