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Welcome to the PARTS page of automotohistory.com.

We are featuring used and reconditioned parts for past Alfa Romeos and other vintage models. You may also find many new parts from old stock – also referred to as NOS (New Old Stock).

Take the time to use our search engine and find what you want. If you can’t find it here, give us a call or send an e-mail so as to locate and source the part for you.

Vintage cars & bikes...

You may have already noticed that our domain name is parts.automotohistory.com.

Visit our sister page automotohistory.com and find many classic cars and vintage bikes for sale.


Secure payment methods

We are using security protocols to protect your data and ensure secure transactions. Thanks to an encrypted connection, your information (like passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to our site.

Fast delivery with tracking

We offer many shipping options for fast and economic delivery. You can always track your order until it arrives right to your door.

Worldwide service

No matter where you live, we can arrange to ship your order all over the world.


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